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The whistleblower function

Polarn O. Pyret is committed to detect and prevent all kind of irregularities that may seriously harm our business or employees. It is therefore important that such information are noted and investigated as early as possible. We have therefore implemented a whistleblower function as a complement to our normal internal reporting routines in order to allow for an anonymous reporting channel of suspected irregularities.

What the whistleblower function is

Through the whistleblower function, employees and business partners can report suspected violations of laws and of Polarn O. Pyret’s internal regulations that have been committed, sanctioned or deliberately overlooked, by individuals in senior positions or other key personnel. Information reported through the whistleblower function are treated confidentially and in a manner which ensures secure and effective case for those who chose to use the whistleblower function as well as individuals and third parties that may be regarded by whistleblower reports.


When to use the whistleblowing function

The function can be used if you suspect incidences of fraudulent conduct, corruption or other suspected malpractices. This can include incidents such as bribe, fraud, theft or other situations where someone gets a private gain or benefit because of his or her position or that a related party benefits in some way. Criminal violations, more serious misconduct and deviations from internal rules and guidelines that fall within the area of ​​irregularity must also be reported.


It should be noted that the whistleblower function is complement to our normal internal reporting routines and not a substitute. Employees can always choose to report matters internally to managers or other superiors.


When not to use the whistleblowing function

The function is not suitable for reporting complaints and general views on leadership, work environment, business planning etc. It is also not suitable for reporting certain HR issues linked to individuals. If you feel uncomfortable or for other reasons do not want to talk to your manager or other superiors, you can turn directly to your HR function or any union representative.


Who can report?

Anyone who suspects circumstances that conflict with the law, regulations, policies or guidelines and which seriously concern the company or its employees can file a report.


All Polarn O. Pyret’s employees as well as customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to the company can use the whistleblowing function.


How to file a report

It is important to make sure the information contained in the report you submit is as concrete as possible so that it can be processed and investigated in the appropriate manner.


You can use any of the following channels for filing a report:

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